Unison record storage stand
Unison Record Storage Stand

An all-in-one solution, Unison combines both audio gear and record storage into a beautifully designed single piece of solid wood furniture. When flanked with floor standing speakers Unison creates the ultimate dedicated entertainment furniture solution for vinyl enthusiasts. Unique features include a built-in vibration isolated turntable platform positioned over a dedicated amplifier or receiver space with an open back panel to accommodate equipment of varying depths. Convenient “flip” style record bins are located adjacent to the turntable for easy access to favorite LP’s with additional bookshelf style storage below. The interior of the cabinet section includes a ventilated back panel and an adjustable shelf that can be used to store audio gear, or alternately be removed to allow for storage of up to 150 records in the cabinet. Door handles are custom made with Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned natural leather. The Unison Record Stands can be paired with Unison Vinyl Storage units to accommodate a vinyl collection as it expands.

Walnut Vinyl Storage Cabinet

Flip Top Bins

Unison cabinets feature record store style flip top bins allowing you to easily flip through an entire LP collection while creating a visual display of record cover art.

Premium Leather Pulls

Our vegetable tanned leather is sourced from 150-year-old American tannery Wickett and Craig. Handles are secured with solid brass fasteners that add an elegant and functional detail. 

Vibration Isolated Turntable Platform

The turntable platform is decoupled from the cabinet and suspended on sorbothane for high fidelity vinyl playback.

    Unison Record Storage Stand

    Solid Wood Construction

    Made in the tradition of fine furniture, all Unison cabinets are constructed from domestic sustainably harvested hard woods.

    Passive Ventilation

    Unison cabinets feature slotted shelves and rear vents to keep your components operating cool.

    Stainless Steel Shelf Pins

    Heavy duty 6mm Stainless Steel shelf pins support shelves with a neoprene rubber damping sleeve for superior component performance.


    Our three standard sizes make it easy to find the right cabinet for your equipment and storage needs.

    Unison Record Storage Stand

    Available Finishes

    Mix and match from our standard finishes. Solid ash cabinets come in three lacquer colors and four stains. Our solid walnut cabinets have a durable, low sheen clearcoat that protects and enhances the natural beauty the wood.

    Unison Record Storage Stand

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    Unison Record Storage Stand

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    Unison Record Storage Stand